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Business to Business DVD       

     Prince Pasta, the largest maker of pasta in the universe, has a program in place in which they supply the "goods" for schools and non-profit organizations to have fund-raising dinners.  The organization then gets to keep all the proceeds and buy band uniforms or whatever it is they need.

     In addition, the funding also helps out financially with a range of other community organizations, such as groups which give terminally ill children the opportunity to do what they've always dreamed of doing.

     A way for the big corporation to help out in the neighborhoods where their products are sold, and a very admirable thing.

     Prince Pasta, in an attempt to enlarge their market, decided to equip their salesmen with DVD players which would briefly explain what their fund was about, and how it could be accessed by the community. 

     So, I get a call from Bruce Mason, owner of Media Production Exchange, and he asks if I know any Italian tunes.  He says that he and producer Jeff Joanisse, owner of Waterfall Productions, are putting a business-to-business DVD together for this project, and they didn't like the archived cuts that the edit house sent them for review.  I said that I'd give it a shot, even though the time frame (it was a last minute desperation call) was awful tight.  The next morning I had the first sample posted on this site, and was given the go ahead.  

     Bruce and Jeff wanted to use portions of an original commercial to open up the piece, which didn't have a music bed, just a narrator, so now it has my waltz (#1) as a sound track.  The folks at the company loved it.  In all, I created, recorded, and produced 4 melodies for the project.     


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