1.Cherokee Shuffle  (traditional)

2.Otter Stomp 

3.Ducks on the      Pond/Waterbound (traditional)

4.Orphan Children 

5.River Lady

6.Cat Got Out Huntin' 

7.Yew Piney Mntn. (traditional)

8.Taylor Martins Late   Night 

9.Le Valse de la Rebec

10.Julianne   Johnson/Spotted   Pony/Dubuque (traditional)


All tunes and songs 

Copyright 2001Bruce Ling


All material written by Bruce Ling unless otherwise noted.


Due to today's limited technology, streaming audio sounds horrid. To hear this selection in C.D. quality you can purchase the C.D. at




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Blandford Nature Center Soundtrack

     I received a call from Cyndi Ambrose at Blandford Nature Center, asking me if I had any taped music that could be used for the soundtrack to their new video on Sugarbush: Maple Sugar Harvesting in West MI.  I said "No, but give me a couple of weeks."  When I completed it, I realized that I had also fulfilled the long-time dream of creating my first C.D.


     The video is a contracted work about the entire maple sap harvesting process, from the tapping of the trees through to the final bottling of the finished product, detailing all points in between. It's now finished and released. Contact Blandford for a copy, I believe they're for sale.


     There are 9 instrumentals, some of which are originals, and one original song. Since the C.D. was for a sound-track, I couldn't be singing all over it.  The music is Appalachian styled, and this project gave me the opportunity to test all that I've learned about the recording equipment that I've been acquiring over the past few years.  I did all the instruments, arrangements, mixing, etc. here at my home, and the cover is a drawing I did of the Grand River, as seen from my kitchen. 

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