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Yew Piney Mountain

From the C.D. "How It All Started"


     I learned this tune from Nick Kroes a few years ago, and it found a permanent spot in my repertoire.  Unfortunately, I can't use it for dances, as it isn't a "square" tune.  It has 4 extra beats on the "A", or first part.  I had a blast arranging this for the C.D., the mandolin part really just created itself.  I would never had thought of banging away at the same chord all the way through a tune.


     I'm dubbing myself on fiddle, guitar, and mandolin on this cut.  It's truly a miracle of modern technology!  I'm playing a crossed-tuned fiddle also.  I like to take these key of A tunes and put them in G cross-tuning.  You get this cool modal sound when you play cross-tuned in a lower register.  Leave your G and D strings where they're at, and tune the A and E to G and D respectively.  It's kind of a lazy way to play, as you can play the tune the same way on the top or bottom strings.  Have fun!