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Peppers Exit

How do we know the time;

words slur, they do not rhyme.


     The agony of the old pet decision.  When is it time, and are we doing the right thing, he's sure to be feeling better tomorrow, he had such a great comeback last week...


     Pepper was a very large jet black cat that had arrived as a stray kitten.  He had been with Becca and her sons for 18 years, having lived with them through a whole different life, a different home, a different husband.  I had been sleeping with him, (wrapped around the top of my head,) for 5 of those years.  I had gotten pretty attached.


     In the end no one wanted to take responsibility for putting Pepper down, and it fell to me to take care of it.  An unpleasant twist- (these things never being isolated incidences,) the same duty fell to me with my children's dog 3 weeks later.  It was not a good month for me.