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Ducks in the Pond/Waterbound (traditional)

From the C.D. "How It All Started"



     It's very lonely, being the only fiddler in the Grand Rapids area that plays and collects the tunes, and their stories, from the southern mountains in the southeastern part of the U.S.  Imagine my delight when I met Nick Kroes at the Wheatland Music Co-op, first Sat. of every month, jam session.  Nick plays banjo in the traditional old-time "frailin" style, and is also an exceptional guitarist, bassist, and mandolin player.  He knew many of the tunes I had collected, and turned me on to some real obscure old-time artists whose recordings had been out of print for ages.


     The tune "Ducks in the Pond" is from a Folkways recording of Henry Reed, a source for many tunes played today.  He was recorded by musicologist Alan Jabbour, a fellow who, thank God, took it upon himself to track down and field-record the folks who kept the tunes alive through oral tradition. 


     "Waterbound" is another traditional tune.  When I first started fiddling, I had a tape of Dan Gellert, from Elkhart IN. "Dan Gellert and Shoefly" it was called, and it featured him, his then wife, and these twin guys in matching shirts.  It was great raw old-time music, and I ate it up.  I pulled my hair out trying to emulate his bowing.  I still don't think I've got it right.  Over the years I've played with Dan enough to know that my bow, or lack of it, will get a mention from him when doing a tune out of his repertoire.  It's the second generation old-fogey purists that keep us younger ones honest in the reproduction of period music, and that's a good thing.               


 by Bruce Ling 2-2002