Absence of Self

    We had the opportunity to see this thought provoking movie last month.  It's called "Little Buddha", and it's about the process of finding the person who is the reincarnation of the Lama who passed on before.    


    I don't adhere to any specific doctrinal ideology, but I do find a great deal of Spiritual value in keeping my mind open.  I have witnessed, and have partaken in, far too many unexplained phenomena to discount anything unusual out of hand. I guess this movie must have made quite an impact on me. The following words came unbidden one morning shortly after I saw this movie. I had been contemplating the scene in the movie where Sidhartha was leaving the life of an ascetic, and was bathing and drinking from the river on who's banks he had received enlightenment on the human condition.


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    As he walked along the River he brushed against the staywithme bush, and the least of thorns, no larger than an idea, snagged his flesh near his heel.  Neither in pain, nor in perplexity, he continued on his way, unaware that his flesh, where snagged, was unraveling in the same manner as a woolen sweater.


    About the time that there was soon to be nothing material left of him, two birds espied him.  Said one to the other, "What manner of Being is that?"  The other replied, as the rest of the man's flesh disappeared, "I believe that is the Buddha!"