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Recent Projects

     In an attempt to supplement my income from the performance and entertainment side of the music industry, I've been contracting other types of musical work.  I own a state of the art recording studio, and have just incorporated a Mac, and Pro Tools 9 mixing and mastering software.  

     Being a multi-instrumentalist with a background in many genres of music, I'm able to put together full bands here by myself, tailoring the music to the needs of my clients.  I do all the performing, mixing, mastering, and production, and am able to post samples here on my web-site for review and suggestions from my clients.

     On the side bar are a few of the recent projects I've completed.  Click on them to enter.  Inside the individual pages you'll find them in a streaming audio format. The sound quality isn't representative of the actual work since it's in a RealMedia format.  My finished projects go out as high quality .wav files or CD's.