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A Song in Response to 9-11

     A few weeks after the Trade Center attack I received a letter from Tom Hartman, the Executive Producer of HillTop Records in Hollywood,CA.  I had sent them a song once, and apparently they keep records on who writes songs.  I was invited to submit a song related to all that was going on in our country at that time.  They were going to make a compilation CD called Stand Tall America, with a portion of the proceeds going to the survivors of the attack.

     After I decided that I couldn't write songs on command, and the deadline for submitting was 3 days away, a sudden fit of inspiration hit me and I sat down and completed this song in the space of an hour. (that included stopping for a bowl of Becca's homemade chili.)  I put it on a CD with 2 fiddles, a viola, guitar, and my vocal track.

     Two weeks later I received a contract from HillTop, and a letter telling me they felt that my song would be the highlight of the album.  That remains to be seen, but it is all quite exciting

     The folks at HillTop use their own studio musicians, and a guest vocalist will sing my song.  I'm waiting anxiously/apprehensively to see what they've done to my song.

     As of this writing, (the end of April) I heard a few weeks ago from HillTop, and was informed that The Project is soon to be released, in 4 to 6 weeks they said.  I'll keep you informed as the events unfold.  


     Hmmm! I received my copy of the CD "Stand Tall America." Go back to my Home Page, click on "So you want to be a recording artist" in the menu bar, and you'll find out where I'm at now in relation to Hilltop Records.

It's now October

     Well, that was a good lesson. I've found out that there are quite a few "Stand Tall America" CD's out there, each different, with different songwriters on them. Also, after the local Schuler's Books and Music sold the 1 (one) copy that HillTop sent them, HillTop couldn't be reached to order any more copies. Hmmm!

     To those of you who are reading this page because you've gotten a letter from HillTop, please don't email me (there's been hundreds!) for more info. Just know that HillTop is a demo studio and that's it. If you are serious about getting your song in the hands of someone who will make you money, go through an A&R company like Taxi, or someone who scores high marks with the Better Business Bureau. I've received a lot of info from folks who have researched HillTop and the consensus is that they don't have a very good track record.

     So ends my adventure with HillTop. Oh, I still have a royalty check coming to me. One fellow that wrote to me said that he received a check for $6.00.

Final Tally in November

   Wow, what a strange experience filled with emotional highs and lows. I received a check from HillTop today, with my long awaited royalty check. I made $13.06 on my investment, which leaves me far behind monetarily, and far ahead in wisdom. I have a feeling that this is all I'm going to see, as the local Schuler's Books and Music couldn't get a reply from HillTop when they went to order more copies, after their only copy (HillTop only sent 1,)was bought by my sister-in-law.     

Good Hunting

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